Buyer BEWARE!! Hi Everybody,
   The following is an example of the new type of "Nigerian Scam", where they answer YOUR ad. Remember, it can claim to be from a man or a woman, and it can appear to come from ANY country. Lately they have been coming from all over Europe.

    Like I said, what they do is, they express an interest in your ad, and you may even notice that they know very little about what you are selling. They use the pretense where they have someone in the US mail you a worthless money order for considerably more than you are asking and you are supposed to mail them the difference, then you're left holding the bag.

   The scammer doesn't even have to use email!! Someone who works for a bank told me he sees this all the time. People who post ads anywhere for items for sale (of large value) have a person show up or call and say they want the item at full price (they seldom negotiate) and they show up or possibly mail the seller a cashier's check which is for an amount greater than the selling price. They inform the seller that there was a mistake made when the bank made out the cashier's check and then ask the seller to wire the difference (minus any wire fees) back to their account in Jamaica or some other country outside the U.S. They are told that the buyer won't be there to pick up the car, tractor, or whatever, for a few more days so the sellers think that since it's a cashier's check, and they still have the item, they are ok. The buyer never shows up (if possible) and never attempts to get the item and the cashier's check turns out to be a forgery and the seller's money that was wired is irretrievable.

   There is a US government task force working on the ORIGINAL Nigerian Scam.. If you want to read a LOT more about it, click HERE. Or, read THIS one, from our OWN US Postal Service.

   The following emails are some of the actual correspondence that went on between a "scammer" and a person who placed an ad on this web site. I have changed his name to "B. Dubya"

    So..... If you receive anything that even REMOTELY resembles this, it is a SCAM. Do NOT respond to it!!

If you'd like to see ANOTHER example of this scam, click HERE.


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