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    When I got my tractor it had been left out in the weather so long the seat cushion is torn and broken, I don't think it is repairable. The padding on the backrest is virtually GONE.
    I have seen restored tractors where the seat cushion and backrest look like they are brand NEW! Where can I get a new seat and backrest??

Get a new backrest     STEINER TRACTOR PARTS has brand new original style seat cushion parts for many JD 2 cylinder models. They offer the original style back rest cushions for A, B, D, G, R, 50, 60, 70, 80, 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, 730, 820, 830, & 840 Standard. These are available in black (JDS272N or JDS272L) or yellow (JDS271N or JDS271L). Steiner Tractor Parts’ seat cushions include the brass rivets and have the correct curvature and only one set of holes. Most replacement back rest cushions lack the brass rivets, and have multiple holes for use on both the letter and number series John Deere models. They also lack the original curvatures that Steiner Tractor has duplicated and sometimes are built with wood rather than steel.
    The back rest cushions JDS271N (yellow) and JDS272N (black) are designed for the number series which have a light mounted on the seat frame. The bolt spacing on these cushions is 11-5/8”. The other style cushions, JDS271L (yellow) and JDS272L (black), are designed to fit the letter series which have a light mounted on the battery box. The bolt spacing where the back rest bolts to the frame is 16-1/2”. The number and letter series seat frames are interchangeable and as a result, it is common for a tractor to have the wrong style seat frame.
Click this picture to find out where to get a new seat Click this picture to find out where to get a new seat     The bottom cushions are wood backed and include the original style springs. They measure 19-1/2” x 14-3/4” and are available in black (JDS270) or yellow (JDS269). The seats offered by many others only include the foam cushion with no springs. This original spring style bottom cushion is far more comfortable either for riding in parades or working in the field. Also, Steiner Tractor Parts’ seat bottoms are reinforced with a steel bracket at each corner to minimize wear and ensure that your seat cushion will last.

Click this picture to find out where to get a new seat Here you are looking at the underside of the seat, showing the wood bottom.     
Click this picture to find out where to get a new seat This view shows the original type springs.

    Steiner Tractor Parts also has cushions available for the float ride seats, though they do not include the springs. According to the research and development department, John Deere eliminated the springs when they added the float ride torsion seat springs. Many customers have requested these cushions with the springs however and Steiner Tractor Parts may consider adding them in the future.
Click this picture to find out where to get a new armrest    Steiner Tractor Parts also offers the arm rests for these seats in yellow (JDS273) and black (JDS274). Outfitting your tractor with original style seats is essential to a top quality restoration as it reflects a level of detail that separates your tractor from the pack. Just click the banner below to visit STEINER'S web site...

    STEINER TRACTOR PARTS has a 528 + page catalog with over 4,500 parts. You can shop online, or by telephone. Steiner's employs a staff of 42 individuals that process orders, ship packages and work in customer service. They are constantly expanding the inventory to meet their customers growing requirements. At the same time, they are striving to increase quality and selection. The company focus is to make Steiner Tractor Parts the best value and quality for your restoration parts needs.

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