> Hi Meli...
    > Would someone please tell me the correct color of the seat cushion and seat back cushion for the late John Deere A, B, and G; and the Models 50, 60, 70, and so on. Thanks.
    All of those tractors came from the factory with BLACK seat cushions. Yellow ones were offered by "aftermarket" suppliers. If you ever sat on a black seat that has been out in the sun for some time (especially with shorts on), you would know why YELLOW cushions would be a good idea. If you ever grabbed a hold of yellow cushions with greasy hands, you would know why BLACK cushions would be a good idea.
    Black is "correct", but I do believe yellow is acceptable... and it looks prettier.
The Cushion Seat
One of our correspondents added the following comments:

    Over the years, I've seen tractors with:

solid black cushions
black cushions with green piping
black cushions with white piping
solid yellow cushions
yellow cushions with green piping
yellow cushions with black piping

    Black might be 'historically correct', but you can pick whatever you think looks nice. Personally, I like black on the late letter and first number series, because the only yellow on those is on the wheels and the lettering. (I know, industrial versions were yellow, and some ag versions could be ordered with highway yellow or safety orange paint, but...bah.) Starting with the 20 series, Deere started putting the yellow accent color on the hoods, and the yellow seats fit nicely with that color scheme. Whatever you pick, I'm sure they'll look sharp.


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