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How does the Powerlift work?

Dear Meli,
     There is one thing I can't figure out. How do I run the hydraulic lift? It seems to be in the up position, and with the PTO on and off I have tried to move it up and down yet no movement. What could be wrong?

Hi ya...
     The moving part of the Powerlift is the "rockshaft". (See the illustration below) The shaft is part #28. There are two shafts, one on each side. They rotate or "rock" about 90 degrees, and by attaching levers, "arms", or linkage to them, you can lift various implements.
     Although there is usually a return spring built into the lift, it generally requires the WEIGHT of the attached implement to move it to the DOWN position. With the pedal or lever in the "lowered" position, put a large wrench on one of the square ends of the rockshaft and see if you can turn it "down". If it doesn't move, your lift is stuck, and you need to rebuild it. If it DOES move down, then engage the PTO and activate the "up" pedal. The shaft should rotate UP.

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