Rust always eventually seems to "bleed" through the paint job on my tractor. How do I get rid of rust?

   You need to ELIMINATE the rust! It's difficult to remove every trace of rust from hidden nooks and pores in the metal. Ordinary paint will not prevent that rust from continuing to oxidize and spread. You need to chemically change that rust into something that is inert, BEFORE you paint over it. You can stop rust Permanantly with the POR-15 rust prevention system. Unlike paint which relies on solvent evaporation and merely COVERS the rust, POR-15 actually COMBINES with the rust and cures by drawing moisture from the atmosphere to produce a rock-hard finish that won't chip, crack or peel, making it one of the best rust preventative products on the market today. Take a look at POR-15 by clicking on this banner.

Stop Rust Permanently with POR-15

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