Compression Releases

Hi Meli:
> we have an unstyled B, but we can't
> find part 33, the petcock to release
> the pressure of the cylinders....


Hi Terri,
    There AREN'T any compression release petcocks on an unstyled B, and there are not supposed to be any. The compression is not great enough to require them. They were introduced in 1939 with the STYLED tractors when starters became available, to make it easier for the poor little 6 volt starter to turn the engine over. On early styled tractors from 1939 to 1946, you'll see the bronze petcocks in plain sight, just behind the sparkplugs.
    On LATE styled tractors from 1947 to 1952, shown here, the releases are UNDER the cylinders, between the frame. You'll notice that there is NO additional hole next to the sparkplug hole. You have to look UNDERNEATH.
    You won't find any compression releases on a Model H, but you WILL find them on the Models A, D, G and GP.
Pay Attention!!!

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