Why is my oil filter made of BRASS?

Hi Steve    (This question was originally posted on the messageboard by Steve H.)

Hi Meli,
    : I drained the oil, removed the bottom filter cover and out dropped a brass filter (apparently recleanable). Stamped: "Purolator, spacing .003". My local JD parts man didn't know a thing about it, just recommended a new paper cartridge.

Hi Steve,
    Yes, the paper filter would be the "official replacement".

    : A fellow in shipping and receiving says this was an aftermarket filter available to avoid buying throwaways.

Pay Attention!!! Part # AA357 - the brass oil filter     NO... Quite the OPPOSITE. That is the ORIGINAL filter that came with the tractor. It was MEANT to be cleaned and reused.

    : Several club members don't know about it either. Anyone know the date, availability, price?

Part # AA2092R - the paper oil filter     NO... You WON'T find it available, it became obsolete and was replaced by the disposable paper filter that originally looked something like THIS:

    : and especially the filtering quality?

    I would imagine that the paper filters work BETTER than the brass ones or the engineers would NOT have changed the system. Paper can certainly filter particles LESS than .003". HOWEVER.....

    : Looks quite unique, I'd like to continue using it. Thanks for the help!
Steve H.

    We have two unstyled tractors that still have the brass filters. We have washed them out in kerosene and examined them and we are continuing to use them. These two tractors are not used for any heavy work and are not likely to get dirty. If your filter is sound and free of damage, take some pictures of it for "bragging rights" and put it back IN!!

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