> Hi Meli...
    > I have been restoring old corn planters and now need to paint them. I have a No. 9 corn planter made between 1910 and 1911 according to my parts book. I have seen others but not correct color schemes. I would like to know the correct colors and which pieces get that color. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Kent,
    Unfortunately the whole world was in black and white back in those days so very few color photographs exist. Every now and then a hand-colored illustration from an advertisement turns up. This one is from the 1910 John Deere St. Louis Branch House Catalog.
The color scheme of a horse-drawn implement
    Enough people have seen enough of these illustrations to conclude that this was the standard color scheme for implements such as cultivators and planters. The main body of the implement was painted green and the wheels were yellow. Any wooden parts were bright red. This included the "tongue" or pole and any wiffle trees for harnessing the horses. The surprising part was that all of the parts that did the actual "digging" were also painted red.
    This same paint scheme was followed for planters and cultivators on the earliest row-crop tractors such as the Model GP and unstyled Model A and B. On the later "styled" tractors the implements were all green, with yellow wheels or rims.

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