What color are the gas caps?

    I have restored my dad's original 1939 model B and when I had it repainted we painted both the gas caps red? Someone said the larger tank was for gas and is red in color but the other cap on the small reserve tank should be green or black ? What is the correct color for this cap?

The gas caps
Pay Attention!!!

    Hi Randy, "Someone" told you WRONG!. The small tank is not a "reserve" tank, it is the STARTING tank. It is supposed to contain a gallon or two of gasoline for starting the tractor. Once the engine and manifold are HOT, you would switch to the main tank which would be full of distillate or tractor fuel. This was similar to kerosene - not very volatile, but CHEAPER than gasoline. The cap on the small gasoline tank should be RED. The cap on the main tank should be GREEN.
    This illustration above represents the fuel tanks on the Model B's from serial number 96000 to serial number 200999.
The gas tanks from serial number 60000 to 96000     Incidently, the fuel tanks on the 1939 and 1940 Model B's are built into ONE UNIT, similar to the unstyled Model B. This tank for the Model B's from serial number 60000 to serial number 96000 has the fuel necks much CLOSER together than the tank on the unstyled B up to serial number 60000.

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