I'm Miss Information

DON'T cut that hood!! But, my real name is Meli...
    Sometimes when we place an ad to sell a tractor, our descriptions might be a little bit "cryptic" to the beginner. I have often seen examples of ads that may have prompted THIS question...

> Hello Meli,
> My name is Mike. I've never owned a tractor, but all of a sudden I
> want one. It has to be what I have come to know as a "Johnny Popper"
> After searching your website and others, I now have quite a different
> concept of tractors. Thank you! One thing that I haven't found is an
> explanation for the term "cut, or uncut, hood". Please explain.

Hi Mike,
    It was a pretty STUPID design feature on the Model B tractors and it wasn't until the Model 50 came out in 1952 that the problem was remedied. There is a nice neat round hole in the hood, through which the muffler protrudes. Unfortunately, the flange at the bottom of the muffler, which attaches it to the tractor, does NOT fit through this hole. Therefore, to replace the muffler, the hood must be removed. The muffler can then be bolted onto its bracket, and the hood can then be replaced OVER the muffler. I can tell you how much trouble this procedure is, right here. Sometimes the very FIRST time a muffler needed replacing, the owner would cut a square hole in that area of the hood, to allow the flange to pass through and allow access to the four bolts. Anyone who didn't cut that hole the FIRST time they replaced the muffler was even MORE likely to do it the SECOND time!! That would be a "cut hood". An "uncut hood" would be one that belonged to an owner who replaced the muffler the right way, or one who never bothered to replace the muffler at ALL.

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