Hey Meli...
   I need to adjust the brakes on my early styled Model B, and also I think that I need to replace the brake shoes. Can you explain to me how to remove the drums and also how to tighten the brakes up?
   The brakes are supposed to be adjustable by that square "stud" of the adjusting screw (part 16, below) that sticks out of the back of the housing. It is connected to a "star wheel", just like automotive brakes. If it won't turn, it is either stuck or there is no more adjustment left. To remove the brake, take out the two bolts and one nut (Parts 20 and 21) where the brake assembly attaches to the tractor and bring the whole brake assembly INDOORS.

    Take the nut (part 31 in the exploded diagram below) off of the INNER end of the shaft (you may have to whack the shaft with a lead hammer to get the gear off) and the whole assembly will come apart for cleaning and replacement of parts.
The brakes
plowing     Do NOT chisel off the rivets to separate the brake drum (part2) from the shaft (part 3) and do NOT replace the rivets with bolts, because from that day on, the brake drum won't look the way it is supposed to, and EVERYONE will know you "hacked" your way into it!

    Anyway... The reason the brakes were designed this way is so that your wife can still use the tractor to plow the field while you are working on rebuilding one brake at a time.

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