Fix the Magneto?? WOW!!

WOW, Look at all the PARTS!!  These are just SOME of the parts of a Wico type C magneto.  Yours might be a Type X, and it would look different
Pay Attention!!!

Meli... How do I fix my magneto?

   The magneto on the tractor is that little black box that sends the spark to the spark plugs. If you are like me, other than cleaning the magneto, timing it, or changing and setting the points... you really don't know much about exactly HOW it works and how to FIX it when it DOESN'T work. What I do is send it to someone who KNOWS all about magnetos and then I am sure that it is fixed correctly. If you click on the banner below, you will go to the home page of MY favorite magneto shop, or you can take a shortcut directly to the magneto page by clicking HERE.
   If you DO know something about repairing magnetos, or you would like to tinker with it yourself, then you will need a source of parts. Guess what?? Belanger's will be GLAD to supply parts for you!! You'll find an email link on the page and all you have to do is ask Steve for what you need.
Click here for service on magnetos for vintage tractors
   If your tractor is difficult to start, or it WON'T start, and your magneto won't make a HOT spark that will jump a 1/4" gap, then THAT would be the reason why! Your magneto needs to be looked at.
   If you need to find out how to install and time the magneto on your tractor, I can show you how to do that right HERE. Oh, and by the way, the point gap should be set at .015".

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