I lost my spark!!

WOW, Look at all the PARTS!!  These are just SOME of the parts of a Wico type C magneto.  Yours might be a Type X, and it would look different
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    I have a 1941 John Deere B tractor, it's in real great shape. I have a problem, maybe you can help me out. When I start the tractor it runs fine, but when it gets warm after about a half hour it starts to skip; like running on one cylinder and has all it can do to stay running. It does not smoke, but acts like it's running on one cylinder. When I shut it down, and start it up later on it runs fine for a while, and does it all over again. Do you have any suggestions? I would apreciate to hear from you.

Hi Randy,
    Sounds like an ignition problem to me. I betcha the coil is bad in the magneto (Part number 27 in the above illustration). It works until it gets hot, and then the bad insulation shorts out some of the windings. If you have NO spark at ALL, a lot of times a magneto can be repaired by "trial and error" - that is, you keep replacing parts, starting with the points, rotor, and condensor, until it works better. HOWEVER, since the coil is the MOST expensive part of the magneto, you might want to have it tested before you invest in a new one.
   WHERE can you have your magneto tested? - at Mainely Magnetos. They TEST; they don't GUESS! If you click on the banner below, you will go to the home page of MY favorite magneto shop, or you can take a shortcut directly to the magneto page by clicking HERE.
Click here for service on magnetos for vintage tractors
   If your tractor is difficult to start, or it WON'T start, and your magneto won't make a HOT spark that will jump a 1/4" gap, then THAT would be the reason why! Your magneto needs to be looked at.
   If you need to find out how to install and time the magneto on your tractor, I can show you how to do that right HERE. Oh, and by the way, the point gap should be set at .015".

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