I'm Gene Hi there... I'm Gene
    I'm the webmaster of RetiredTractors.com. Welcome to the Halloween version of our page. The colors will stay black and orange until Halloween. If you have guessed that there is a collaboration between Retired Tractors and Deerely Departed, you would be guessing correctly. The Halloween season sure is the appropriate time to be sponsored by DEERELY DEPARTED.
   Deerely Departed has a selection of rare and hard to find parts and tools on sale right now, even as we speak. Meli will tell you a little bit about it if you just CLICK HERE.
    If you have already visited Deerely Departed and haven't bought something you need, I'm wondering WHY? Yes, I know, buying something over the internet is a daunting procedure. But never FEAR!! It's perfectly safe!! Meli gets parts sent to her for review, for FREE... but I actually went and BOUGHT some parts from Deerely Departed to check out the payment system and it works GREAT!! You can use all of the usual charge cards, or you can send a check in the mail.
   Once again... Let me point out... On the page where you do your ordering at Deerely Departed, you can also select an order blank, print it out, fill it in and MAIL it, just like you would if you were ordering from a catalog. You see, if you want to, you can pay by check or money order just like they used to do when our tractors were brand new!
   So, I DO hope you will take a look at the products that Meli has reviewed so far... and then, from there, take a look at what ELSE is available at Deerely Departed.

   ONE more thing before I go... If you haven't visited JD Heritage yet, you need to do THAT, too. JD Heritage is a place where collectors can meet and exchange ideas about memorabilia, tractors and techniques that are related to farming. The site allows the enthusiast to participate in a living book that changes with each visitor or contribution.
    One of their main goals is to preserve our agricultrural heritage and act as a reminder of what has built our nation - the hard working farmers and farm industry workers.

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