How much is my implement worth??

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    There is no organized pricing guide for antique implements, the way there is for automobiles and other "standard" items like antique glassware. The price of an obsolete plow or harrow that dates back to the two-cylinder era is based pretty much on its condition, how badly someone wants it, and how badly the owner wants to KEEP it! If the implement is an early one, or an unusual one, THEN it will be worth MORE than the average. Also, the better it looks, and the more COMPLETE it is, the more it'll be worth. It will bring top dollar if it has been well restored, all the parts are still usable, and it can be called "parade ready". Another factor to consider is how far away and how HEAVY the item is. Shipping costs can double the "Value" of a big hunk of iron.

    My suggestion is that you do some research of your own by studying the ads. You'll find mostly TRACTORS wanted or for sale, but occasionally implements do change hands this way:

Yesterday's Tractors
Gene's Want Ads
If you find an implement description that is comparable to yours, it may give you a rough idea of what YOUR piece of equipment is worth, or at least, what is FAIR for an implement of the same type as yours.

"Those Oldies But Goodies"
Little Caesar and the Romans, 1961

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