Where is the CRANK?

Hey Meli...
    My friend and I recently took apart my grandmother's barn and pulled out her model B. It's Serial # is 112905. According to the list provided, it's a 1941. Anyhow, I was wondering if you could send a picture or direct me to one of the crank for the crank start. We don't want to try to use the electric start, and we don't really know what we're looking for in that barn full of junk.

   Okay.... When a Model B is set up for electric start you can't safely turn the flywheel by hand. So.... Take a look at this diagram from the Model B Parts Catalog. See the parts numbered 62, 63 and 64. You insert that "thing" into the center of part #59 in the center of the flywheel and then you put the tractor's steering wheel on it. The steering wheel becomes the crank!! The "thing" is a little shaft with a pin through one end to toggle into the flywheel and a key on the other end to fit into the steering wheel.  
This is a styled Model B flywheel
Pay Attention!!!
   There is a similar "thing" for the LATE styled Model B (After 1947). The "thing" is a little different because the center of the flywheel is different. Anyway, there is a small access panel in the center of the flywheel cover. You pop it off and then do the same routine with the steering wheel. See a description of it and find out where you can get one, HERE

Part no. AA 3032 R     This is what the crank for the EARLY styled Model B actually looks like. It is part # AA 3032 R. Notice how the tapered side has a key in it. That's what fits into the hub of the steering wheel. The other side fits into part # B 1608 R, the flywheel ratchet (#59 in the parts diagram).

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