Where can I get replacement manifolds for my John Deere two-cylinder tractor??

Pay Attention!!!     Tony Carbaugh Enterprises, LLC  has an online store where they sell manifolds for many of the two-cylinder John Deeres. They also carry rims, three-point hitches, and sheetmetal parts for MANY John Deere tractors. You'll find their web site at They are collectors themselves and when you call, fax, or email, you'll be talking to a REAL person; you won't just be filling in a "form" on a web site and wondering if anyone ever received it!
    Tony Carbaugh Enterprises is expanding and is including other products like seat cushions, carburetors, mufflers, radiators, and engine rebore kits, so check out their web site and see what is ALREADY available. Here's a shortcut to the MANIFOLDS page.

Tony Carbaugh Enterprises  LOGO Tony Carbaugh Enterprises, LLC
12781 Marion Road SE
Turner, OR 97392
Web site:

    The neat thing about Tony Carbaugh Enterprises is, they also carry new aftermarket tractor parts, 3-point hitches, manifolds, rims, supplies, sheetmetal, battery boxes and stuff, for Allis Chalmers, International Harvester, Oliver and other brands, too, for those of you who collect ALL colors of tractors!!

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