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Adust the carburetor But, my real name is Meli...
    Here is another good question I received in my email...

> Meli,
> Do you have any suggestions on how to
> adjust the the load and idle needles
> when trying to start my B? Such as
> how many turns to begin with. Also is
> there a particular way the nozzle needs
> to be put back into the carburetor?
> Thanks a bunch!
> Tim

   Hi Tim,
    The carburetor on a Model B is not as sensitive as the one on say, a lawn mower engine or chainsaw engine. You have a lot of leeway. Open the idle needle about ONE turn, and open the load needle about 3/4 of a turn. The idle adjustment is on the "fuel inlet" side, the load adjustment is on the other side. They ARE labeled; you just have to clean off the old paint and other such gunk.
    It doesn't matter how the nozzle goes in as long as it is clean and the spring that holds it in pushes it all the way up into the throat of the carburetor.
    If your B still doesn't start, the problem is probably NOT the needlevalves. There are UMPTEEN other things that can be wrong!! :-D
    Good luck, and above all, have FUN!!


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