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What color are the axles?

Dear Meli,
I have a 1943 John Deere "B". What is the
correct color for the axles: green, yellow or black?
Thanks for any help you can give?

     The absolutely "correct" color is NO PAINT at all. The axles were made so that the wheels can be adjustable, and the fit between the axle and the hub is pretty close. Paint would get in the way. Most people are NOT going to move the wheels, so they paint the axles to prevent rust. The manual says to use GREASE, but if you do, you'll get it ON you every time you walk around too close to the tractor. BLACK paint is good, 'cuz it looks like greasy old iron. I prefer aluminum paint, to look like metal. On my tractors, if I intend to move the wheels again after I get them loose, I paint the axles with that silver "no seize" stuff. You just have to remember to redo it every year, 'cuz it wears off.

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