The John Deere Model H

    The Model H was in production from 1939 to 1946. Therefore, there never was an "unstyled H". There were a few minor changes in parts and equipment during its lifetime but no major changes in appearance. From a distance, all Model H's look about the same except for the front wheel treatment.

    The Model H was never available with a "Standard" or "fixed width" front end, but it can sometimes be found with different front end configurations OTHER than the tricycle. See the narrow front and wide front, pictured on the right. This is similar to the variations seen in the Model B. The Model H is often confused with the Model B. Look HERE for a few hints at telling them apart.

The Model H has three front wheel configurations:
The John Deere Model H Tricycle

The John Deere Model HN Narrow Front

The John Deere Model HW Adjustable Wide Front

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