Hi, my name is Meli

    I am the Putt Putt Girl, a cartoon character, and any resemblance to a real person would not only be a coincidence, it would be pretty farfetched! I first appeared on Gene's 1998 Halloween page. This is how I looked when I was first hired. If you scroll down, you will see that Gene has taken very good care of me so far!
    I've come a long way since 1998. By the following Halloween I already looked just a LITTLE bit more realistic! Not only THAT, I could wink, blink, and smile. By 1999 there was a full-fledged Halloween page with tricks, treats, ghosts and goblins. It will be back EVERY year with a VENGEANCE!! Watch for NEW stuff THIS year!!      
    This is how I appeared at Christmas, 1998, dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus. You'll notice it's not really an entirely new outfit from the first Halloween one; the colors and some of the details have been changed, that's all. Gene began to experiment with .gif animation and that's how I acquired the wink. You'll also notice that some of the "jaggies" on my legs have been smoothed out.
    The NEXT Christmas I kinda played down the Santa theme and got a little more DRESSED UP!!! Next year? Who knows? Might get some raindeeres!! I wonder if they are green?? Did you see the green shimmery gown I wore on New Year's Eve?? You missed it?? Aw, SHUCKS!!      
    This is how I appeared in my first figureskating outfit. I acquired a little bit of three dimensional shading, a nicer smile, and my wink became just a little less subtle! I do believe the artist got a little carried away with some of the other, ahem, "enhancements"!
    My skating outfits got some improvements, too!! I wear quite a few of them every winter. You see, every since 1999 I've been a permanent fixture on Gene's page, and I will continue to introduce each seasonal theme on the Home Page.      
    And, of course, SUMMERTIME is my FAVORITE time of the year! Hmmm, maybe it's YOURS too, depending on whether you like going to the beach or not!! Me?? I LOVE the beach! It's the cold Atlantic Ocean WATER that I hate!!
    The neat thing about being a cartoon charactor is that I can have ANY kind of a body I want, and ANY kind of clothes that I want! I can dress UP, or NOT dress up. If you didn't get a chance to see some my bathing suits this past summer, keep coming BACK!!
    Oh.... If you'd care to help me answer a nagging question about bikinis, please click HERE.
OH GREAT! Thanks a LOT Gene!!
    I said any kind of body that I want, NOT whatever YOU think is funny! You'll PAY for this!!

"Ain't She Sweet?"

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