The Disk Harrow

The Directions

I TOLD you so!      This is the instruction booklet that came with the Model JB Harrow. It was published in 1941.The implement itself is called a HARROW. It just so happens that it uses DISKS to do its "dirty work". Just as you can have a "moldboard plow", a "chisel plow" or a "disk plow"; you can also have a "springtooth harrow", a "spiketooth harrow" or a "disk harrow". Webster defines a harrow as "a wheelless agricultural implement set with teeth, upright disks, etc., usually of iron, drawn over plowed land, to level it." As you can see, even the John Deere Company calls it a "HARROW" on the cover of the user's manual.

     I rest my case.

    You may call it a "disk", for short, if you'd like.

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